Our Mission

The Rusty Spoke Community Bicycle Initiative is a volunteer based organization dedicated to bicycle advocacy in the Phoenix community. The Rusty Spoke's objective is to provide space for DIY (Do It Yourself) bicycle repair and recycling, and to encourage bicycle awareness through education and outreach. Based in downtown Phoenix, the Rusty Spoke is a safe and open space to ensure that all feel welcome.

Grassroots cycling resource
DIY repair spot
Community event Space

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The Shop

We have a well-stocked workspace with most, if not all, of the tools that you need to work on your bike. Bikes come in a variety of configurations and we have the tools for pretty much all of them (save a few specialty tools). We also have been known to make improvised tools when needed; just because we don’t have one doesn’t mean we can’t make it work. DIY is encouraged at the Rusty Spoke and we have a few volunteers who specialize in creative ways to fix or modify your bike.



Crank pullers, metric and standard wrenches, wheel truing stand, socket wrenches, hex key sets, screw drivers, pliers, hacksaws, and more!


Parts and Supplies

Lubricants, brake cables, new and used tubes, new and used tires, various sized rims, road and mountain bike frames, bearings, bottom brackets, and more!

Meet the Crew

Photo of Clyde


Slow ride Clyde, moving like a herd of turtles. It's all about the journey, not the destination.

Photo of Peter


Kind, but illusive.

Photo of Dave


When I'm not supporting the spoke, I'm riding my bike to work, where I am a computer programmer by trade. I also like square dancing.

Photo of Brian


Top notch adventurer.

Photo of Bill


Humble superhero, sans the cape. Fan of craft beer, independent movies, and riding his bike anywhere he can.

Photo of Ana


Often found reading, knitting, cooking, or watching British dectective shows. Lives with a husband, a basset hound, and a chiuahua.

Photo of Clyde


Aspiring economist, professional casual bike commuter, amateur home chef. Enjoys board game evenings and late night runs.

Photo of Clyde

This could be you!

Pedal over to the Rusty Spoke to talk to the crew about volunteering.

Photo of Clyde

This could be you!

Pedal over to the Rusty Spoke to talk to the crew about volunteering.

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